How To Get Magearna

How To Get Magearna - to get magearna in your pokmon sun or pokmon moon game complete the main story choose the qr scanner functionits possible that attending a movie screening is the way to get magearna in the game but theres still no official word on whether thats what will happenhow to get magearna in pokemon sun and moon pokemon sun pokemon moon magearna is an event only legendary pokemon in pokemon sun and moon this pagemagearna japanese magearna is a dual type steel fairy mythical pokmon introduced in generation vii while it is not known to evolve into or from any

Pokmon Sun And Pokmon Moon Pokemon

Nows Your Chance For Magearna Pokemon

those who have completed the main story in pokmon sun or pokmon moon can now get the mythical pokmon magearna via the qr scanner feature by scanning the qr code...