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How To Get Lice - how to get rid of lice head lice infestations are a common problem for school age kids who spread them to one another in the classroom but anyone can get licemaybe you see everyone at school getting head lice except your own children so when a school or a day care center gets infested with head lice you may be wonderinghow to get lice off clothes once a head lice infestation has been removed from your hair its important to clean clothing and other fabric items to ensure that thehow in the world does a child get head lice does getting an infection with head lice mean that the person has poor hygiene

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several types of lice can infest your home having an outbreak or full blown lice infestation can be unpleasant but with a little time diligence and an anti lice...

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read about head lice body lice and crabs or pubic lice learn about lice symptoms signs prevention and treatment with medicated shampoos a head louse can lay...