How To Get Genji Oni Skin

How To Get Genji Oni Skin - the nexus challenge is back with heroes of the storm patch 20 and with it comes the opportunity to unlock genji and dva skins icons and sprays in overwatchoverwatch and heroes of the storm fans got a nice surprise today nexus challenge 20 is here if you missed the overwatch oni genji skin heres your chance to getheroes of the storm will add genji this week the fourth member from the overwatch team to fight the rest of blizzards defenders of the nexus if youre a hugetheres a new officer dva skin for overwatch that can currently only be earned by playing heroes of the storm and completing a few specific tasks

How To Unlock Genji And D

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overwatch is a stylistically pixaresque team based multiplayer hero shooter by blizzard entertainment in the year 2046 a global catastrophe known as the...