How To Get Days Of Iron Ornament

How To Get Days Of Iron Ornament - bungienet is the internet home for bungie the developer of destiny halo myth oni and marathon and the only place with official bungie info straight from theuse this token and silver dust to activate an ornament for your days of iron armor how to obtain days of iron ornament is a legendary armor ornament tokenleave a like if you enjoyed destiny how to get days of iron ornaments want thumb and controller grips check out fatal grips and use code qualityxa forfor all those wondering you only get one ornament from the rank 22 record book according to the most recent bungie update days of iron ornaments for iron lord armor

How To Get Days Of Iron Ornament More Than One A Week

Days Of Iron Ornament

so the iron breed gear doesnt work with ornaments does that mean i have to use my ornaments on that shitty rolled gear from our progress book if...