How To Get Closer To God

How To Get Closer To God - how to become closer to god as a christian the goal of many christians is to become closer to god there are lots of ways to go about this from praying1 admit you cant do everything on your own one of the first steps to gaining a closer relationship to god is admitting that you need him in your life the realitydo you have a plan for growing spiritually in the next 12 months many people wonder how they can begin growing closer to god or getting closer to his plan for theirhow do i get closer to god a close relationship with god is the desire of many and yet few know how to make it happen try this

How To Become Closer To God As A Christian With Pictures

Get A Little Closer Joyce Meyer Ministries

do you ever just spend time with god because of who he is not for what he can do for you have you spent time with him to tell him how much you appreciate him and to...

Getting Closer To God Lost Seed

getting closer to god at times is something i struggle with sometimes i seem to forget that it cost everything to follow jesus and somedays its easier to die daily...